How much you need to know to get a job in web development

| In Articles | 6th February 2020

Career change and getting a job in web development with self studying

A career change is never easy but is always possible. With Self-Studying or profesional help, and of course hard work, you will always be able to get the ball rolling on a different career direction and even get a job in web development if this is what you desire.

What you need to get a job in web development

Is true that after a certain age, you lose your patience on spending time to learn new things, or insisting on fixing difficult problems, but this is what should characterise you if you want a job in web development. If you feel you are a technical person, and like to solve technical problems then you have a big change to succeed. A career change is never easy.

You will also need time and some income for basic living costs. At the beginning, you will hardly do any money (it took me more than half an year to do my first project as a freelancer) and 1 full year spent only on learning HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, to get my first job in web development.

The possibility of changing your career and get a job in web development

Even if you are in your 30's and you are thinking to become a Web developer, is still possible. You will never have the same level of knowledge and experience like someone who started from the age of 19, 10 years ago, but with a lot of will and hard work you will still be able to get a decent job with a decent salary in 1 year of serious training.

Small, medium or big IT or software companies will always look for people like you to do the easier but very time consuming work that nobody wants to do, so you will always be able to start from somewhere. You might actually be able to get a job in a few months and do things unrelated to web development, like being a software tester and learning in paralel the technologies that will help you get a job in web development. You will be even closer as a software tester, because testing a software you will understand what your work as a web developer will produce and how the final product should behave.

What to avoid when getting a job in web development

In the learning period, before getting your first job, try to avoid learning things that you will never want to use. Like example, don't spent time on C++ if you want to get a job in web development.

After you get your first job in web development or as a tester or as anything else that will help you take your career where you want to be, don't spend to much time on a job if you feel you got all the knowledge and experience to move further. Doing routine work for too long will make you lose the will you had initially and to reach your target. If you feel comfortable with your work, now is the moment to change the company! With the experience you got, you can get a job as a beginner for more important tasks.

Never accept to work illegally. Have a read here about risks and sanctions. As a beginner, you might get offers to work without a contract, and the excuse of some employers will be that you will get more money for what you can do as a beginner. Avoid that with all the costs because it will affect your career, is risky, and you will not be credible when you will move further.

A job in web development can be stressful or not, depending on the project you do and the company you work for, but is important to always put presure on yourself and insist in self-studying, learning new technologies that will help in the fight with the competition and keep your position safe.