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Why I don’t prefer and don’t recommend the use of CSS media query min-width

CSS media query @media only screen and (max-width: *px) {} is used to apply different stylings for various screen sizes/resolutions They are easy to use by positioning the above code with the righ [...]

The downside of too much flexbox CSS

In the last years the requirement for understanding and having experience with Flexbox CSS increased a lot on the web development jobs market. This will be because of a few good reason: Flexbox [...]

Cloud definition and how is working

Cloud is a general name given to a complex system created by services for data hosting, transportation, protection, caching and more that can deliver data with the help of the internet. The t [...]

Containers in software development compared with Virtual Machines

What is a Container A container is a package or a building block created in a standard format, built to keep all the dependencies, configurations, hooks into the Operation System and the applicati [...]

The negative side of React and ES6 in general

While React is a great framework, it can put down many developers and companies for many reasons. I will try to list a few negative sides I had to live with, along my experience with them. Tim [...]

When to use local state and when to use global state

This article will target React users but what I am presenting here and the advice I will give, should be taken into consideration for any other programming language or library meant to be used for th [...]

How to loop over objects inside jsx to print data from a multidimensional object

Going over all the elements of an object, in JSX is quite different than you have been used to do in JS. JSX is a mixt between html and JS and doing loops inside it is not the same and you will find  [...]

Debugging. Ways to do it and what to take care of while doing it

A bug in an application represents the incorrect functioning of an entity, when the expected result is not returned. A bug is not always a code error. While an error is most of the time very easy [...]

How to get a job in web development with Self-Studying for a career change

A career change is never easy but is always possible. With Self-Studying or profesional help, and of course hard work, you will always be able to get the ball rolling on a different career direct [...]

How to lazy load a videos list in a responsive layout built with SASS and GULP

This article about How to build a videos list with a lazy load system, is a very good reference for how to setup GULP with SASS on a new project. Gulp is loosing land in front of Webpack in the last  [...]

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