Programming is hard, complex and endless when is about acumulating knowledge

As new technologies appear each year, or at least important version to the existing ones, young and experimented engenieers, both need indications, examples, advices about how to apply certain techologies, use some futures of a library or framework.

Our aim

We want to help people easy understand and apply new and complex things that we, as a team, have experience with or used on our projects.

You are invited

Do you want to colaborate? If yes, then please write to with an article, the subject "Programming" and wait for our moderators to review and publish it.

Our knowledge

We have a vast knowledge about anything is web related but not only. HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Laravel, React, Redux are some of the languages, and techologies we will cover on this platform.

We will talk about how a design should be created from the programming point of view minimize it's transforation in code, and to take less time to create and run.

…how to create the structure of a small or large app. An important think to know before anything is built.

…best ways to build a database and how to create the relation between tables

and many many more